In a sea of carbon-copy producers, The Funk Hunters have cultivated their signature sound by creating forward-thinking electronic music that is influenced by old school funk, soul and hip-hop. Now teaming up for a bass-heavy anthem “Hit Like,” The Funk Hunters find themselves teaming up with DJ/Producer Eskei83. Featuring vocals from RUSUR, the raps are motivational and energizing. Opening with a smooth and airy feel, the track builds in intensity with each bar. The drops are aggressive and heavy-hitting while the lyrics are catchy and addictive. Add in a wavy break and this one packs all the ingredients of a festival anthem that’s primed for the return of live events. Mind-bending sound design, pristine percussion and chest-pumping energy command replays for days.

‘HIT LIKE’ from The Funk Hunters with Eskei88 is out now!