What We Do

Business Management​

YFM provide tour/merchandise budgeting and analysis, as well as accounting, payroll and insurance services to satisfy each client’s needs. We manage cash flows and have an active payable, collection and bookkeeping department to keep things running smoothly.

Royalty Services

Royalty income streams have long been a mystery to most industry professionals. We have an extensive royalty collection and tracking system to make sure our clients receive all eligible income streams. We carefully check each statement for accuracy and follow up on discrepancies. Our goal is to find every potential source of revenue, and keep on top of a rapidly changing industry.

Publishing Admin

YFM provides complete global publishing collection and administration for clients through their artist friendly subsidiary “Hyvetown Music Inc”. Please link to the Hyvetown Music website for more information. Hyvetown Music strives to improve on the music publishing experience through creative solutions and innovative thinking!

Tax Planning and Preparation​

YFM service a clientele that is very active around the globe. We coordinate and facilitate all tax filings to make sure the client is getting the best possible tax advice and use our extensive partnerships to make sure they are getting the best tax planning available both on a business and a personal level.​

Financial Planning

YFM was founded with the intention to offer a full service business management firm that worked in partnership with our financial planning and money management services. Our focus is on long term cash flow management, and helping our artists plan and invest for their future. Many artists have uneven cash flows and these can create stress and uncertainty surrounding their long term goals. We help guide them through this experience and draw on our many years as investment managers to help them have a stable and secure future.