TAKE ME HOME – official video, out now. Enjoy:

“Shooting the “Take Me Home” music video in my hometown where it all began was a surreal and special experience. We focused on locations and elements that hold real life sentiment to me that have been woven into the fabric of my upbringing. 

The Car; my dad’s 1976 Trans Am that he purchased in 1977. Going for a ride in dad’s car as a kid, felt like I was hitching a ride with Superman. The house; My great Grandmother’s house where she raised 5 children on a very limited income. Trips to the creek for water used to be the norm before the luxury of running water in Krestova. The River: Crescent Valley Beach was the place to be in the summer growing up in the Kootenays and a place I spent many summer days getting in touch with nature. The Living Room; where I learned how to play guitar and piano and witnessed several family sing-alongs. The Town; Nelson BC, where I was born and played my first live show. 

 I’m thankful for teaming up with Brass Tacks Films and my fellow Mt. Sentinel Secondary School Alum, Stefan Berrill. Thank you, I hope you enjoy it and feel the sentiment.”