Congratulations to our client Brett Kissel who took home the Fan Choice Awards at the 2019 CCMA’s this past weekend. Brett Tweets:

“WE” did it!! “WE” won this together! “WE” shared countless incredible moments this year, and last year, and now “WE” get to celebrate this. The Apple Music Fans’ Choice Award is not a trophy that is meant to stay on a mantle somewhere. It’s the Fans’ award. It’s your award. It’s “our” award. “WE” earned it together. “WE” won it together, so “WE” ought to share it with each other. From now until next year’s CCMA awards, I will bring “our” Fans’ Choice Award to every single concert. It’ll be at our merch table. And it’ll be ready for all of you to see. Touch. Hold. Kiss. And cherish. It’s “ours”. Because “WE” did it! I said on stage that it’s like our “Stanley Cup” in the country music business, so we ought to bring that trophy from town to town, from city to city.”