About Us

Welcome to Yaletown Financial Management!

Yaletown Financial Management is team of professionals with many years of experience in guiding the financial careers of entertainers in both the music, publishing and film industries. Our Mission is to identify with our client’s diverse needs and to deliver experienced solutions that exceed their expectations. We strive to offer an open and friendly environment.

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An artist’s career can take many paths, and each one is unique. YFM focuses on not only managing the ups and downs of each artist’s career, but also helps them save and invest for their future. We feel that tax planning and accounting services are not enough in today’s business environment. One must see the long term picture, and have a plan for growing and retaining a client’s wealth.

Yaletown Financial Management currently represents some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry such as Chad Kroeger, Three Days Grace, Hinder, My Darkest Days, Matt Good, Ali Liebert and many more. Our clients range from musicians, actors, writers, producers and mixers; each with their own unique circumstances. YFM offers complete business management services to our North American based clientele.

Recent changes on the publishing side of artist management have created a need for a “better publishing collection system”. We have now met those needs with the launch of our global publishing company “Hyvetown Music Inc.”. Hyvetown is artist friendly. We help artists retain control of their music, collect income much faster, and do so at a lower cost. For more information, please see our link to “Hyvetown Music Inc.”

The music industry is going through a large transformation. From all the changes a new and better system will emerge. We have the vision and commitment to be a leader in this new environment. We have been blessed with great clients and many successful partnerships. We look forward to the future, and hope to make life simpler for even more entertainment clients!